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Hello families, welcome! I'm Jennifer Su. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Business Management, and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education & Special Education. I hold professional licenses in both fields and have been in education since 2013, teaching across various grades in NYC classrooms and also serving in administration at the Department of Education’s offices. My career has provided me with extensive experience and knowledge in education, fueling my passion for helping children thrive in their early years. In 2018, I founded BooBoo Bear to establish a high-quality preschool program in Marine Park and surrounding areas, focused on learning through play. I believe fostering strong social interactions and early exposure to learning, sets children up for success in grade school and beyond. Drawing from my teaching experience, I take joy in guiding our teachers and enhancing our preschool program.

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Education Director/Lead Teacher 

My name is Emily Zhao. I graduated from Brooklyn College in 2021 with a BA in Early Childhood Education, and Psychology. I enjoy working with children because I am making a difference in their lives. I love teaching preschoolers, as this is a critical age when they’re developing a love of learning. I want to instill that feeling of excitement and challenge my preschoolers to explore their environment. In order to achieve this goal, I will support my students’ motivation to learn and help them develop a positive disposition toward learning. For example, self-regulation of attention and behavior; effective social skills to develop a positive relationship with others; a positive attitude toward learning; listening skills; understanding, accepting, and following rules and routines, etc.

Lead Teacher


Hi, my name is Marsha Faustin, I graduated from Kingsborough Community College with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. I then pursued my Bachelor's Degree at Brooklyn College in Children and Youth Studies. I love working with children because it’s a very rewarding experience. I am able to build relationships, learn and explore with children, while it allows me to be creative, put my imagination into play, and develop amazing art and craft activities. Being a classroom teacher also allows me to create fun and educational activities for the children to learn and understand numerous concepts. Children, by nature, are very curious, and thus, I love to challenge, and explore their curiosities. Working with children reminds me of how amazing and exciting the world can be. This year, I hope to gain more knowledge while working with a new classroom full of children. I also hope to become more confident with my craft, and my ability to help navigate learning experiences in the classroom better. Last, but certainly not least, I hope all the new experiences we explore together will make me love the profession even more than I do!

Assistant Teachers


Hello! My name is Crystal Severo. As long as I can remember I always knew I wanted to work with children. I have a teaching assistant/child care certificate from New York City College of Technology. I have 3+ years working with children. I love working with children and enjoy being around them. I love working with preschool aged children because no matter what, they always come into school with a smile on their face and it brings me joy to see how excited they are to be there. I promise to do my best for your children in helping them grow a love for learning.


My name is Shelsea and here is a little bit about myself. I’m currently attending my last semester at Kingsborough Community College studying Early Childhood Education. I couldn’t be more excited to work with children and collaborate with parents on a daily basis at BooBoo Bear. As a parent, I understand it can be extremely difficult for you to leave your children in school, but I will take care of your children as if they were my own. Teaching has always been my dream career, being able to share our knowledge with students, and being able to make a difference in a child's learning experience is an amazing experience. Children are our next generation, and as a teacher, I promise to provide the best learning experience to all your children.  

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