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Our Team

Marsha Hyppolite

Hi, my name is Marsha Hyppolite. I graduated from Kingsborough Community College with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. I then pursued my Bachelor's Degree at Brooklyn College in Children and Youth Studies. I love working with children because it’s a very rewarding experience. I am able to build relationships, learn and explore with children, while it allows me to be creative, put my imagination into play, and develop amazing art and craft activities. Being a classroom teacher also allows me to create fun and educational activities for the children to learn and understand numerous concepts. Children, by nature, are very curious, and thus, I love to challenge, and explore their curiosities. Working with children reminds me of how amazing and exciting the world can be. This year, I hope to gain more knowledge while working with a new classroom full of children. I also hope to become more confident with my craft, and my ability to help navigate learning experiences in the classroom better. Last, but certainly not least, I hope all the new experiences we explore together will make me love the profession even more than I do!

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